23rd October 1971 - Wimbledon - National Championship
Part of 'The Evolution of Midgets' by Rod Tanswell from the book 'Living With Spede'- results from the raceday programme

The National Championship was held on October 23rd at Wimbledon with the greatest number of cars of the year, 27 in all lined up for the big race.  The race had its ups and downs with Frank Boyles going out in the early stages and various other stars.  Eventually the race was won by Bob Elson in fine style.  A well deserved win indeed, Bob had the luck that we all need at times and made the most of it.  What with finishing up third in the points chart and National Champion, he must have felt very satisfied with his first full year racing in Midgets.

National Championship: 1st 73 Bob Elson, 2nd 12 Barry Martin, 3rd 98 John Hawkins, 4th 37 Daz White, 5th 36 Ben Davies, 6th 45 Derek Johnson, 7th 4 Malcolm Brockhurst

Race two: 1st 34 Frank Boyles, 2nd 36 Ben Davies, 3rd 48 Bob Burridge, 4th 45 Derek Johnson, 5th 12 Barry Martin, 6th 98 John Hawkins

Race three: 1st 34 Frank Boyles, 2nd 6 Julian Bye, 3rd 21 Basil Craske, 4th 50 Colin Harper, 5th 73 Bob Elson, 6th 12 Barry Martin, 7th 48 Bob Burridge, 8th 45 Derek Johnson