Saturday 12 June, Wisbech

Wisbech Standard: "Boyles breaks track record in midget"

The track record at Wisbech Stadium was shattered on Saturday during the final of the Midget racing. Midgets were making their first appearance of the season at the Wisbech track, and the record was lowered by a second. The record breaker was Frank Boyles, who lowered the time for one lap to a staggering 15.4 seconds as he roared to victory in the grand final.

Race one: 1st 6 Julian Bye, 2nd 12 Barry Martin, 3rd 34 Frank Boyles

Race two: 1st 73 Bob Elson, 2nd 34 Frank Boyles, 3rd 12 Barry Martin

Grand Final: 1st 34 Frank Boyles, 2nd 12 Barry Martin, 3rd 2 Colin Byrne