Daz White by The Informer
From Stock Car & Hot Rod Journal Summer 1971

Daz White at the age of eighteen must be one of our youngest midget drivers racing today. Daz comes from Headley which is in the Bordon area which has bred some good drivers in the various formulas, what with John Field and Barry Plummer in the superstox and Rod Tanswell in the midgets.

Daz has followed Spedeworth motor racing ever since he was a very small boy always being very interested in the various formulas which race on our raceways. Back in 1965 he came as a helper to Rod Tanswell who was at that time racing superstox under the number 182. He then went through the mill so to speak until Rod finished with supers and went over to midgets in 1967.

Richard (that's his real name girls) then got the midget bug in a big way saved his money and some time later found his way to Geoff Rumble's noble establishment which was then being run from West Horsley. With the money he had saved he bought the only "Dastle Judy" ever built complete with body and all components with which to build a car. This was all transported back to Rod Tanswell's place and they set to and built the car you see racing today.

The car has been much modified suspension wise, since he first bought it having now independent suspension on the front instead of a beam axle. The engine has now been uprated to 1220 cc and much modified. This is being fitted at the present time so we should soon see Daz motoring at a fair rate in the near future.

Considering his age and experience he has done very well in midgets having reached blue grading and very nearly made star grading last year (failed by 2 points). I think any midget driver would say that on his day he is a force to be reckoned with.

Daz is a mechanic by trade working in a local garage. He maintains the midget at home with the help of his mechanic Roy and his girl friend who I believe supplies the tea etc. As for hobbies other than midget racing he enjoys a bit of fishing now and again when he's not working on the car and follows boxing quite closely.

Well here's wishing young Daz every success this season with his midget. I wouldn't like to predict where he will finish in the points this year, somewhere in the top of the blues I would think.