Monday 30 August 1971, St Austell

(Cornish Guardian) Born at Land's End but now living in London, Dave Underhill drove a superb race to win the first heat of the South of England Championship at the Cornish Stadium, Par Moor, on Monday.

But he was very surprised. The race ended three laps short of what the drivers had expected - because of a mistake by the officials.

Sixteen of these superb little racers came to the Cornish Stadium to race for points for their national championship and for a £200 trophy given by the Javelin Petroleum Company of Essex.

It was won, after a gruelling 30-lap final, by Geoff Rumble of Dorking, one of the men who started this form of racing by designing the Dastell (sic) chassis used by most of the drivers. Several of the drivers came to grief sliding into the safety fence which all added to the thrills. The racing was as good as anyone is likely to see on any of the big tracks in the country: at least one one could see all the circuit.

Heat one: 1st David Underhill, 2nd Norbert Dietsch, 3rd Griff Griffiths

Heat two: 1st Cliff Davis, 2nd Geoff Rumble, 3rd Norbert Dietsch

Final: 1st Geoff Rumble, 2nd Peter Jopp, 3rd Griff Griffiths