Sunday 22 August, St Austell (MARC)

(Cornish Guardian) A new type of motor racing, which could become a firm favourite at the Cornish Stadium, Par Moor, was introduced to Cornwall on Sunday. It is midget racing in which the cars look like scaled down versions of Formula One racing cars but provide much cheaper racing for young drivers. Superbly made, the little cars can really move. On Sunday they proved to be about 57 seconds faster over 10 laps than the mini driven so successfully at the stadium by Dave Clark of Redruth. Eight of the cars were racing on Sunday as an introduction to a big meeting at the stadium on Bank Holiday (next Monday) when 15 are expected to compete in the final round of the midget racers championship for a prize of £100. Some of those cars will be even faster with highly-tuned engines worth up to £1,000. The midgets were part of a highly successful, entertaining and thrilling programme including super hot rods, bangers, and production car races.

Two sets of results have come to light for this meeting. The first is from Stock Car magazine (October 1971) and also from the Cornish Guardian...

Race one: (Scratch Race) 1st Griff Griffiths,2nd Tony Stubbs, 3rd John Holtham

Race two: (Final) 1st Griff Griffiths, 2nd Tony Stubbs, 3rd Pete Smith

Race three: (Handicap) 1st Tony Stubbs, 2nd Griff Griffiths, 3rd Pete Smith

However, a programme from the meeting completed with numbers only shows second place to be 69 which was Peter Jopp's number rather than Tony Stubbs (6). It is possible that Tony was using Peter's car for the meeting although number six is also racing according to the programme and posted 6th place in race two!

Race one (Heat): 1st 8 Griff Griffiths, 2nd 69 Peter Jopp, 3rd 9 John Holtham, 4th 4 Peter Smith

Race two (Final): 1st 8 Griff Griffiths, 2nd 69 Peter Jopp, 3rd 4 Peter Smith, 4th 71 ??, 5th 29 Brian Spicer, 6th 6 Tony Stubbs

Race three (Handicap): 1st 69 Peter Jopp, 2nd 8 Griff Griffiths, 3rd 71 ??