1970 Season

The Evolution of Midgets
Hot Car Article, Feb '70
Points and driver listings
Holland visit
July BOC meeting

Known Race dates

Saturday 21-Feb Wimbledon
Sunday 08-Mar Ipswich
Saturday 21-Mar Wimbledon
Saturday 28-Mar Wimbledon  
Monday 30-Mar Eastbourne Easter Monday
Friday 03-Apr Walthamstow
Thursday 09-Apr Aldershot
Sunday 19-Apr Eastbourne  
Saturday 25-Apr Wimbledon
Sunday 26-Apr Ipswich  
Sunday 10-May Ipswich
Sunday 24-May Cross in Hand
Monday 25-May Eastbourne Team Racing
Saturday 30-May Wisbech
Sunday 31-May Yarmouth
Sunday 07-Jun Ipswich
Sunday 14-Jun Lydden Hill
Saturday 20-Jun Wimbledon
Friday 26-Jun Walthamstow London Championship
Tuesday 30 Jun Yarmouth
Thursday 02-Jul Aldershot
Saturday 04 -Jul Wisbech
Sunday 12-Jul Lydden Hill
Saturday 18-Jul Aldershot
Tuesday 28-Jul Yarmouth
Saturday 01-Aug Cross in Hand
Sunday 02-Aug Cross in Hand
Friday 07-Aug Walthamstow
Tuesday 11-Aug Yarmouth
Sunday 16-Aug Lydden Hill
Saturday 22-Aug Wimbledon
Saturday 29-Aug Wisbech
Sunday 30-Aug Yarmouth
Friday 04-Sep Walthamstow (not run)
Saturday 05 Sep Wisbech  
Sunday 06-Sep Ipswich Dave Bissett Benefit
Thursday 10 Sep Aldershot
Friday 11 Sep Walthamstow
Saturday 19-Sep Wimbledon
Sunday 20-Sep Ipswich
Saturday 26-Sep Wimbledon
Saturday 03-Oct Wisbech
Friday 16-Oct Walthamstow
Saturday 24-Oct Wimbledon National Championship
Friday 30-Oct Walthamstow
Saturday 07-Nov Ipswich
Friday 27-Nov Walthamstow Speedshow (demo races)