Saturday 8 November 1969, Wimbledon, National Championship
Text from 'The Evolution of Midgets'

1969 was the first year to have a National Championship for Midgets. This was a step in the right direction and some seventeen cars lined up for the big event of the year at Wimbledon. The race was run over 30 laps which was quite unheard of in those days. It was a good race with its usual share of accidents and breakdowns which ended up for a win to me (Rod Tanswell), 2nd place going to Peter Smith (M4) and 3rd place to Mick Bonner (M24), a driver who had come a long way in 1969 and as it happened was destined to go even further in later years.

Race one: 1st 34 Frank Boyles, 2nd 1 Rod Tanswell, 3rd 6 Tony Stubbs, 4th 4 Pete Smith, 5th 22 Mick Miller

Race two: 1st 6 Tony Stubbs, 2nd 1 Rod Tanswell, 3rd 4 Pete Smith, 4th 42?, 5th 17?

Race three: 1st 24 Mick Bonner, 2nd 1 Rod Tanswell, 3rd 42?, 4th 22 Mick Miller, 5th 6 Tony Stubbs

National Championship (based on points from all three races) 1st Rod Tanswell, 2nd Peter Smith & Mick Bonner