Saturday 24 August 1968, Aldershot

Graham Pearce became the third driver to flip his Midget racer when the Bonner outfit got out of control and clipped his car during the third midget race at Aldershot on 24th August. John Houghton's prototype birdcage was also involved. Bonner received slight injuries but was not detained in hospital, Pearce, after a particularly hairy triple roll, reported a tear in his overalls.

programme annotation says Barry Plummer was racing the ex '5' car (previously raced by Dell Stickings). Also that this was the first meeting for both Mick Miller and John Holloway (and also therefore Mick Bonner).

Race one (ten laps): 1st 22 Mick Miller, 2nd 2 Barry Plummer, 3rd 1 Rod Tanswell

Race two (ten laps): 1st 8 John Houghton, 2nd 22 Mick Miller, 3rd 2 Barry Plummer

Race three (15 laps): 1st 22 Mick Miller, 2nd 4 Pete Smith, 3rd 7 John Davies, 4th 2 Barry Plummer