Saturday 20th April, Wimbledon

Race one: 1st 5 Dell Stickings, 2nd 1 Rod Tanswell, 3rd 3 Geoff Rumble, 4th 6 Rick Stevens, 5th 2 Barry Plummer, 6th 10 Graham Pearce, 7th 4 Peter Smith

Race two: 1st 5 Dell Stickings, 2nd 1 Rod Tanswell, 3rd 2 Barry Plummer, 4th 10 Graham Pearce, 5th 4 Peter Smith

Race three: 1st 1 Rod Tanswell, 2nd 3 Geoff Rumble, 3rd 4 Peter Smith (no other finishers)

Quote from Living With Spede: During April 1968 we had another meeting at Wimbledon which was more of a success than earlier on that year. Several more drivers had Midgets, among them in those early days were John Davis, Graham Pearce and Barry Plummer of Superstox fame. That night was disaster night for Barry. He was driving one of the old type midgets as raced the previous year with his Super engine firmly planted in the front. Unfortunately the car was not very stable even on the straight and somehow or other Barry just touched the fence. The end result was engine and gearbox left in the middle of the track where it had been thrown along with the radiator and front axle which finally came to rest some yards away. Barry left looking very dazed in the remains of the car. The race was stopped and Barry escorted to the St John Ambulance Brigade made a painful exit. I think we all who were there that night racing understood for the first time that midgets were not expensive toys but rather cars that which should be treated with the utmost respect.