1968 Season

The Evolution of Midgets
Driver listing
Mick Bonner's story

Known race dates (please email us if you have more info):

Day Date Track Results? Notes
Saturday 30-Mar Wimbledon results  
Saturday 06-Apr Ipswich results  
Sunday 07-Apr Yarmouth results  
Saturday 20-Apr Wimbledon results  
Sunday 21-Apr Yarmouth results  
Saturday 04-May Aldershot results  
Sunday 05-May Brands Hatch results  
Saturday 11-May Wimbledon results  
Sunday 26-May Eastbourne results  
Saturday 01-Jun Wimbledon results  
Monday 03-Jun Ipswich results  
Saturday 08-Jun Wimbledon results  
Sunday 16-Jun Brands Hatch results  
Saturday 22-Jun Aldershot    
Sunday 14-Jul Brands Hatch results  
Saturday 20-Jul Wimbledon    
Saturday 27-Jul Ipswich results  
Sunday 28-Jul Ipswich results  
Saturday 24-Aug Aldershot notes  
Sunday 01-Aug Brands Hatch    
Monday 01-Sep Walthamstow    
Saturday 07-Sep Wimbledon    
Saturday 22-Sep Ipswich results  
Sunday 13-Oct Brands Hatch results Club circuit
Saturday 02-Nov Wimbledon winners  
Monday 04-Nov Walthamstow results  
Sunday 10-Nov Ipswich   John Houghton wins all 3 races
Saturday 23-Nov Wimbledon   Carnival night

John Houghton