64 - Michael Beech, Powys mid-Wales



Currently racing...

A side engine, Hydridge chassis, built by Mathew Hyde and Martin Partridge. Also using a Firehawk Chassis, originally built by Clifford Bunn and since been modified by myself.

A side engine car running a Peugeot TU3 from a 205 xs, on bike carbs and running an elite gearbox

GP Midget debut... 2019

Other Racing Formula History...

Raced Ministox with Incarace from 1994 to 1999 on a very small budget, I did make red top but mainly stayed around yellow and blue grade, I then had a 17-year break from racing until I built a Saxo for the Incarod formula. First season in 2016 finished top of the red grade. Subsequently built a new car for 2017, a 106, finishing 2nd in points and 2nd in the I-factor, then had a year off before racing in the Midgets.


Huge thank you to my dad, without him I wouldn't have been doing this, he has been there all the way through, never missing a meeting.