55 - Jack Hodges, Congleton, Cheshire



Car Specs: Rear engine configuration, 1.4L Vauxhall engine, SRV Vauxhall chassis, previous owners: Marc Deland (built by Sayell Racing)

Seasons in Grand Prix Midgets: 2013-2015, 2019-Present

Grand Prix Midget Racing History: 2 race wins: o Buxton raceway 2015 o Buxton raceway 2019 (Simon Pashely Trophy) Originally raced in a VW chassis for the 2013 & 2014 season, highest grade achieved was yellow grade. 2015 raced in a scorpion formerly raced and built by Daniel Pooley. Highest grade to date is the blue grade. Final championship points position: 2013 = 17th; 2014 = 14th; 2015 = 11th

Other Racing Formula History: Currently racing in the BUKC (British Universities Karting Championship) Taking 2 race wins over 3 seasons in the rookies and mains championship with multiple podiums in the rookie’s championship Race for the Huddersfield B team currently

Comments: Big thank you to my dad Mark Hodges for preparing and working on the car both at and after race meetings throughout the year. Wouldn’t be racing without him.



VW 2013-14

Scorpion 2015

SRV 2019