31 - Jonathan Pooley, Cambridgeshire



Car Specs: Scorpion side engine, 1.4L Vauxhall 8V Front and rear axle with a tran X gearbox. Weight 405kg

Seasons in Grand Prix Midgets: 2002 - Present

Grand Prix Midget Racing History: Racing along side my dad and brother Started as a blue grade driver Titles: 8 times World Champion,7 times Points Champion, 5 times European Champion Raced in South Africa, Holland, Ireland and Scotland. One of only six drivers to have won all the six of the major GP Midget titles.

Other Racing Formula History: Started in junior rods at the age of 12 at Alwalton Raceway, Peterborough Using an 1100cc mini, winning various championships and raced in Holland Moving onto stock rods, winning best newcomer and becoming a red grade driver

Comments: Really enjoy being part of the Grand Prix Midget club. I truly think it is the best formula to race in. Giving up much of my time to support the formula, happy to see so many drivers enjoying themselves with fast and close racing from everyone. A special thank you: My mum and dad, supporting my racing career from such a young age My brother Daniel, for building the cars in more recent years. A special thankyou to my two amazing sons, Rex & Max. Since my first-born Rex in 2015, my racing career and budget has taken a back seat. But there is nothing he loves more than going racing and watching his dad out on track. Even if he does get upset if I donít win. Finally, a last thankyou to my wife Laura. Who understands my passion for racing and encourages me to do so.

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