10 - David Bonser, Tamworth, Staffordshire



Car Spec: Side engine configuration, Vauxhall 8V/16V, Tornado chassis self-built in 2018

Seasons in Grand Prix Midgets: 2010 to present

World champion: 2016, runner up in 2014
Points champion: 2014, 2016
European champion: 2016, 2017
National champion: 2014, 2015
British champion: 2014
Graham Hill: 2019
Southern champion: 2014
Derek Kisby Trophy: 2017
Simon Pashley: 2014
East of England: 2012

No wins, most blown engines in 2019 (on engine number 4 now)

Other Racing Formula History:

Started oval racing in 2008, as the first generation of my family in motorsport. Starting my oval racing career in the Incarod Formula, running a Peugeot 106 ready to race. From there I became a red grade driver with a self-built AX GT.

I then turned my attention towards the Grand Prix Midget Club, buying the ex Allen Herbert BMC Arrow. Competing in my first season in 2011 picking up my first win at knockhill.

For the 2012 season I purchased Daniel Pooley's converted Van Diemen chassis, a huge step forward taking my first hat-trick at Great Yarmouth in the East of England Championship.

In 2013, I raced a newly built Pooley Scorpion chassis, which I raced up until the end of the 2014 season. During this time, I took my first points championship then sold the chassis to redesign the Van Diemen chassis.

2015 saw a redesign of the Van Diemen suspension, this was the raced up until 2018. During this period, I had much success, taking the World, European and Points Championship in 2016.

For the 2018 season I finished building my first self-built car called the Tornado.


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2016 European Champion


2014 on shale