3 - Leon Smith, High Wycombe



Car Specs: Currently racing a side engine Peugeot Also own a rear engine Peugeot (spoilt for choice)!

Seasons in Grand Prix Midgets: 2014 - Present Grand Prix Midget Racing

History: Graham Hill trophy, National Champion & World Champion

Other Racing Formula History: Raced in the seventies in Hot Rods when, in my opinion, the racing was at its best with large crowds Won many championships and highest grade achieved was silver.

Comments: I spend my life as a helicopter examiner throughout Europe I race for fun as a stress reliever!!

Sponsors: Would like some!


2019 World Champion





1980s Hot Rod - Toyota Starlet

1976 Hot Rod Anglia

1970s Escort (pic by Frank Love)

1972 Hot Rod Escort

1970 Superstox